STOP Plastic

1 day or more days program

Protect The World Ocean invites you to participate in the STOP Plastic Program in Bali – Lembongan – Gili – Komodo and the Philippines to survey the condition of seawater and beaches. We will examine the quantity and quality of macro and micro plastic at various locations at given times, places and modes.

Research Objective:
Investigating and mapping the micro plastic content of the shore and seawater.
Photo, video documenting, field and laboratory protocols, on-site sampling and laboratory testing.
In addition, we determine the quantities, quality and origin of macro and microorganisms from various locations, and draw conclusions.

The surveys are carried out continuously, the results achieved in the meantime and the final conclusions are published. Our research is supported by Floroda Microplastic Awareness Project, NOAA Marine Debris Program, Marine & Environmental Research Institute and Rocha International.

During the program, photos and films promote the results of research and survey.

Next project: Bali-Lembongan-Philippines – 12.04.2019 – 05.05.2019

Terms of participation:
– environment conscious approach
– active participation in evaluation in environmental research
– consistent compliance with the agenda

Participation fee: Ask about

What we will do?
– field and laboratory measurements
– samplings
– macro and mikro plastic tests
– sediment and water analyzes

What you will get?
– participation in the program
– program package


Please note: You can arrange your own accommodation and / or your air ticket independently, but in this case, be careful to be able to appear on the tests.
We provide the appropriate equipment and instructions for the survey. You can also take a diving course, for which details you can ask for. Some of the tests are incorporated into optional programs, so you can explore the cultural and / or natural values ​​of the place. Ask about the list of optional programs.

Application deadline: 1 month before the start of the current program, or until the places are vacated or the accommodation and / or ticket prices are not increased.

Participation in the research project will be awarded a degree of recognition.

Anybody are welcome, but please inform us in advance!

We also welcome other applicants (companies, social organizations, individuals).

With your participation you support environmental protection!

To contact an environmental program please contact our contact information below.

Our phone number: +36302893666